are friends, you just don't know yet.

Thank you very much for your visit to the refugee relief Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock´s website.We hope, that you may find many useful information here. We invite you to join our volunteer spirit. We willingly inform you, to increase your awareness of problems of people from different countries of origin.

What moves us ...

Klaudia Grunwald, 30, Scientist
“The world is bad enough, so no one is entitled to make it worse.”

Unfortunately, for me this doesn´t suffice. We should try to make it better. I´m lucky, I´m living at a time and in a country, where neither my parents nor me had to experience war. We are fine! Sadly, just a few people can say that.

At the moment scores of people are on the run; they´ve been through awful lives, took risks, which are incredible for us, and further bale, to live in peace, or to afford their children peaceful lives in freedom. Who am I, that I won´t award these to them, respectively that I will NOT help them with it?

Of course, infrastructure and good communication is lacking everywhere, but, in my opinion, exactly at this point everyone can interfere and help. Everyone of us just wants to live peacefully together and for that a good communication is indispensable, because different cultures and languages are meeting each other. I don´t mean just on a verbal level but even more on a cultural one. For me it is important, that we welcome those people, so that they get to know our language and our culture, and that we get to know and understand their culture. That´s the only way, how they can create their own livelihood.

“Help me to do it on my own” is the base from Montessori for child education. If we can manage that, and we can integrate our new guests into our community, we will all greatly benefit from this.